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commons questions

Do I review the post before it’s shared?Members2022-04-22T15:49:21-04:00

Yes, we provide you the draft post for approval prior to promoting on Ask Philly

How long does it take for my post to get posted?Members2022-04-22T15:39:40-04:00

We convert submissions into posts ASAP. However, due to volume of requests you may have to wait up to 24 to 48 hours depending on the content.

Who can share posts?Members2022-04-22T15:38:03-04:00

Anyone! We welcome posts from current bloggers, new bloggers, businesses or just passionate locals.

Are there post requirements?Members2022-04-22T15:34:43-04:00

Every topic will have specific guidance however most requirements include:

Recommendation Posts

at least three items listed (business, place, item)

description for each item (at least 1 sentence)

introduction summary (1 – 2 sentences)

image (optional)

see example here

Long form Posts (e.g. interview)

image (optional)

see example here

How do I sign up?Members2022-04-22T15:19:42-04:00

Sign up by submitting your first blog post. After submitting we will ask for basic details to create your blogger profile.


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