There’s nothing better than a warm cheesey egg sandwich…Here’s a list of the most recommended places to satisfy that craving when you are in Fishtown. The best places to grab a breakfast sandwich in the Fishtown area.

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Great breakfast sandwiches with good prices, this hidden gem is worth checking out accordingly to most Fishtownies.


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Johnny’s Hots

Long-running local stand serving breakfast sandwiches, hot dogs, sausages & combos such as Philly fish cake & franks. 

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Her Daughters Cafe

From delicious coffee drinks and pastries to specialty cakes and breakfast sandwiches, everything is made with love. Smashed bagels with cream cheese is a local favorite.

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Sulimay’s Restaurant

Laid-back daytime eatery serving comfort fare in a vintage, diner-style backdrop.

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Kismet Bagels

This ‘newer’ bagel joint in Fishtown, has unique and equally delicious bagel breakfast sandwiches that you need to try at least once in your life.

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Coffee House Too

Chill daytime spot with classic American breakfast & lunch fare, plus espresso drinks & smoothies. Their Hangover Hoagie is legendary. 

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Middle Child Clubhouse

No matter what sandwich you get here, it’s likely DELICIOUS AF. The picture to the left should speak for itself.

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Milkcrate Cafe

Record shop & urban coffeehouse decorated with album covers serving breakfast & light fare. The BEC on a croissant is highly recommended.

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Rowhome Coffee

With a coffee program from an award-winning roaster and a menu created with some of the most revered local bakeries and butchers, Rowhome Coffee takes corner store breakfast and lunch to a new level with their famous soft pretzel sandwiches.

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