Have dog? It’s a beautiful and hot day? Your dog desperately wants to go outside? Then this post is definitely for you! Check out these few locations of dog parks in Philly

📸: @segerdogpark

Seger Dog Park

Free, clean, and open to public. Has an AstroTurf surface with slight elevation changes and a double gate. Dog owners are friendly, pay attention to their dog’s behavior and pick after their dog. Lots of shaded seating, dog water fountain, poop bags, trash cans, tennis balls. Limited parking and there is no separation for large and small dogs. Open for 24 hours.

📸: @mycolumbussquare

Columbus Square Dog Park

Free small dog park.  Has an AstroTurf surface, high sturdy fences and separate space for large and small dogs. Clean, tossing balls and poop bags available, dog and has fountains that often work. Kiddie pools in the summer. Super friendly, attentive and considerate dog owners. Open for 24 hours.

📸: Google Photo by E. Miller

Big Dog Run

Really large and clean area with AstroTurf surface for your dog to run and play. Has fresh water watering area, separate space for small and large dogs, kiddie pools. Also, has direct access to the Schuylkill River Trail. Dog owners are nice, considerate and attentive. Open 6:30am to 9:00pm.

📸: @mariolanzadogpark

Mario Lanza Park

Clean, free, and double gated dog park. Responsible dog owners. Open from 7am to 9pm

📸: Google Photo by Frank DiLeo

Little Dog Run

Space is well kept and has an awesome view along the river and a separate space big dogs and small dogs. Nice and responsible dog owners. Open from 6am to 9pm.

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