Best Urban Plant Shops around Philly

How does a plant answer the phone? “Aloe?”

For those new or dedicated green thumbs out there, there is nothing better than adding a plant friend to your collection. Philly is filled with amazing unique boutique plant stores. From Urban Jungle in Passyunk Square to Vault + Vine in East Falls. Here’s the latest list of highly recommended plant stores in the area to find your plant’s new best friend.

Vault + Vine

East Falls

Pretty Green Terrariums

Bella Vista

Ill Exotics

Passyunk Square

Chloris & Prase

Graduate Hospital


Northern Liberties

City Planter

Northern Liberties

Greensgrow Farms


Greensgrow Farms

West Philly


University City

Walter Pine

Queen Village

Cultivaire Plant Store


Urban Jungle

Passyunk Square

BESPOKE Home + Life

Collingswood (NJ)