I am moving out of the city and thought this guide can be my goodbye letter to Philly. I’ve loved living here so I’m really excited to share some of my favorite spots!

Herman’s Coffee

By far, my favorite coffee shop in my neighborhood. Not only do they have great options throughout the year, but their seasonal drinks are some of the best I’ve ever had.

Not to mention they have some incredible pastries and sell Weckerly’s ice cream sandwiches.

On the weekends, their rotating food trucks makes it my favorite spot to walk to and grab some good coffee and great food. My dog also doesn’t seem to mind she gets a treat every time she comes with!

Bing Bing Dim Sum

If I’m ever in doubt of where to bring a visiting friend for dinner, I know I can never go wrong with Bing Bing.

The relaxed, cool vibe inside is only highlighted by their incredible food. Sometimes I find myself daydreaming of their cheesesteak bao buns and dan dan nooodles, trust me after you try them you will too!

The Victor Cafe

Ok so if the idea of listening to your waiter sing opera at dinner makes you want to cringe, please consider visiting The Victor before you pass up on this amazing opportunity.

This place has been a cornerstone of the neighborhood for decades and while the singing may sound gimmicky at first, it really adds such an incredible atmosphere.

Everyone working at the restaurant is classically trained and take turns serenading the guests from an outdoor balcony. And in a land like South Philly where Italian cuisine options are plentiful, the food at The Victor holds its own.


I know, a sandwich in South Philly, how original, but hear me out.

This sandwich place opened up in the midst of the pandemic and quickly became known as one of the best sports in the city. If a classic hoagie is more your style, their quality is unmatched.

But, if you like some creativity in your sandwiches, try their Pooh Bear with honey turkey, honey ham, LT, honey mustard mayo and fried pickles. Plus, their constantly adding new creative sandwiches to their menu. Definitely worth a follow on Instagram and a trip to the shop.

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