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Meet Shaun Miller, local barber and owner of H. Smith Barbershop.  Shaun wanted to us his skills to create a place where anyone could go and feel comfortable and leave with a great haircut. In light of COVID-19, Shaun has taken his business out of his brick-and-mortar location and is bringing it into peoples homes across Philadelphia. Visit H. Smith’s website or book a service today!

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We asked Shaun 3 questions about H. Smith…

What services do you offer?

How Far will you Travel?

You were on TV?

Remembering a Point Breeze Local

Harry Franklin Smith Sr. was a Point Breeze local, a barber, and Shaun’s grandfather. While many neighborhoods in Philadelphia are being gentrified, Shaun wanted to honor a local resident and family member by keeping his sense of style and name as part of the local community. Since COVID-19, H. Smith is no longer brick-and-mortar but his grandfather’s name lives on in his community through their mobile barber service.

Shaun’s Services

What Services do you Offer?

While Coronavirus upended many barbershops throughout Philadelphia, Shaun Miller at H. Smith continues to adapt. Today, Shaun has taken his brick-and-mortar barbershop into the homes of his clients to offer them a place where they can still feel safe and comfortable while getting their haircut. Shaun offers many services from buzz cuts to beard trimming.

Classic Cut: Haircut with clippers or clippers and scissors.

Clean Up: Shape and cleanup of hairline including sideburns and neck.

Buzz Cut: Even all around haircut with clippers.

Bread Service: Shaping of the beard, neckline and trimming of beard length.

How far will you travel?

The advantage of being a mobile barber service is his ability to travel to you and deliver the pristine haircut you deserve. His boundaries exceed the Philadelphia metro area, but we recommend inquiring him directly. He brings all the supplies he needs including the chair. So whether you want to get your next cut at home, in the office or on your stoop (electric outlet required!), Shaun delivers a truly 5 star experience. For those of you working from home, H.Smith makes it a little easier.

You were on TV?

H.Smith Shop (Shaun) is pretty much famous after being featured on the latest season of Queer Eye, after giving one of the individuals a top of the line. For those of your looking to see this awesome feature, look up Season 5, Episode 4, currently streaming on Netflix. The episode was filmed while H.Smith Shop had their brick and mortar location in the heart of Point Breeze (pre-COVID). To stay in the loop about H.Smith Shop’s latest updates and offerings we highly recommend following him on Instagram.

Watch our full interview below

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