Meet Philly’s Lingerie Queen

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Maddie Kulig is the founder and owner of Madalynne Intimates, a lingerie line for a new generation. What’s unique about her brand is that you can buy ready-made, custom-made, or sew-it-yourself lingerie for all sizes, races, genders, and body types! 

Maddie found her calling – sewing – at the age of 18, when she discovered her mom’s sewing machine in a linen closet shortly after she had passed from breast cancer.

A few beginner sewing lessons turned into a 2-year apprenticeship, and Maddie landed her dream job at URBN at the age of 21. Learning a lot over her 7.5 years there, she finally took a leap of faith – leaving URBN and starting Madalynne Intimates – in 2016. 

Meet Maddie!

What is the mission/vision behind Madalynne Intimates?


Our mission is to combine an attention to sewing and fit with exclusive fabrics and offer ready-made lingerie and DIY lingerie kits for all sizes, races, genders, and styles.

Talk more about the DIY lingerie kits. What was the inspiration behind these fun, unique products?


Our DIY kits came about when we had extra fabric and trims from a production run. We packaged them into individual kits and listed them online… they sold out in just a few hours! Even though we offer ready-made lingerie and that department of our business continues to grow, our kits are our bread and butter. We have over 60 options and last year we sold over 1,300 worldwide!

What is your favorite item(s) you sell, and why?


A bra fitting, lesson, or workshop. In all three, I get to connect with customers and students. Over the past few years, our lives have become so virtual. Connecting with others in real life, whether it be through a shopping appointment or helping someone draft a bra, truly fulfills and refuels me.

As a woman-owned business, what’s one piece of advice you have for other young female entrepreneurs?


Being a female entrepreneur comes with your fair share of challenges, but none that are insurmountable. You can do it. Embrace the challenges, don’t be afraid to do something different, don’t try to please everyone, and remember that stress is a choice.

What is something you wish everyone knew about Madalynne Intimates?


It’s way less sexy than you think it is. Most people think that we’re just prancing around in cut out bodysuits or skimpy thongs. However, most of our days are filled with fulfilling orders, cutting out ready-made orders, writing customer emails, or planning. I love what we do and offer, but it’s certainly not glamorous! 

Maddie’s Five Favorite Philly things

Favorite Restaurant

Martha Kensington 

Favorite Tourist Attraction


it’s a restaurant but also tourist attraction

Favorite Neighbhorhood


Best Hidden Gem

Barnes Foundation

Most people want to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but this is so much better! It has more Degas than the Louvre!

Favorite Local Business (beside yours!)

Both owners are women and built their businesses from the ground up. 


Primal Supply Meats

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