Soothe X Smooth

who are they, what you should know & five of their favorite Philly things

by Maggie

Jaleesa Taylor is the CEO and President of Soothe X Smooth, an online skincare and wellness boutique that began during the “Quarantine Era,” as Taylor calls it. When she was told that she couldn’t come in to work as a result of the pandemic, she began brainstorming other ways to create income.

Wanting to put her stimulus check to good use, Taylor invested the money into her very first product: Muscle Rub with Comfrey and Turmeric. After experiencing the positive effects for herself, she began experimenting with other natural products. A foot rub came next, its inspiration born from the fact that she worked on her feet the majority of the day. After creating a handful of different products, Taylor started sharing them with family and friends.

The feedback was nothing but positive, so on December 18th, 2020, Soothe X Smooth was born!

Want clean, natural, organic products that heal mind, body, and soul?

Meet Jaleesa!

What was your inspiration and mission behind Soothe X Smooth?


The mission behind Soothe X Smooth was to create a botanically infused self care kit. While looking at commonalities between myself and my loved ones, I realized two things: Everyone I knew was dealing with some type of discomfort or pain and all of us had sensitive skin. In a way, I wanted to create the experience of a spa without leaving your home.

Share more about your commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly products. Why is that important to you?


I have always been drawn to nature. I love being surrounded by plants and trees. I still watch movies and documentaries that explain the importance of protecting our planet and all living things. Sustainability improves our overall quality of life for us and our loved ones. This is important to me because I think taking care of yourself as well as your environment is the ultimate definition of self care.

What is something you wish everyone knew about Soothe X Smooth?


I wish everyone knew that Soothe X Smooth is still a one person business and I am still operating with chronic pain.

What is your favorite product that you sell and why?


My favorite product is the Hemp Cream with Arnica. It is fragrance free, but it was made for people who have pain or discomfort in multiple areas of their body. When I’m having a flare up, I can apply it to my back or my knees and legs after yoga. It also has a cooling sensation that feels wonderful for a massage.

If you could offer one piece of advice to someone in the process of building their own business, what would it be?


Get in the habit of educating yourself and applying the information you learn. Listen to podcasts, read books, watch TedTalks, and take courses. But, remember, knowledge is only powerful if you use it!

Five Favorite Philly things


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Favorite Restaurant

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Favorite Tourist Attraction

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Favorite Neighbhorhood

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Best Hidden Gem

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Favorite Local Business

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