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Written by Maggie

Husband and wife duo Jason and Emily are the brains behind Good Buy Supply, an eco-friendly boutique shop in East Passyunk dedicated to helping customers decrease their carbon footprint and reduce their overall waste. Jason and Emily live a plastic-free lifestyle themselves and opened Good Buy Supply to encourage others to do the same, creating one place that houses a myriad of sustainable products that can replace daily-use plastic items. Good Buy Supply opened on Small Business Saturday in 2020 and they will be celebrating their one year anniversary at the end of this month!  

Both Jason and Emily have backgrounds in the arts, and they felt like East Passyunk was the perfect place to start this business that they had been thinking about for quite some time. They love Philly because it is community-oriented, diverse, and has a huge appreciation for the arts. We interviewed Jason and Emily, asking them questions about themselves, their shop, and, of course, the City of Brotherly Love.

Meet Jason & Emily

Why did you choose East Passyunk for your business?

Along with all of the shops being independently owned, East Passyunk Avenue is home to the largest concentration of women-owned businesses in the city! We chose our location because we really love small businesses and patron many places on the Avenue ourselves – and a bonus it is a few blocks from our home! We saw a need for a shop like Good Buy Supply in our own neighborhood and decided to make it happen. 

What is your inspiration and vision for Good Buy Supply?

We have been inspired by “zero-waste” ideals and decided to make a serious effort to reduce our own waste several years ago. We were having a difficult time sourcing items for ourselves locally and knew there could be a better solution. We have always wanted to open up a business together and it evolved into what you see today. Both Jason and I have Fine Art backgrounds and have a keen eye for detail. We knew we could create something that was not only visually appealing, but also functional and sustainable.  

What is something you wish all your customers knew about Good Buy Supply?

We strive for progress over perfection. Our shop is a judgement-free zone and we love helping beginners with early solutions to reducing their waste! Don’t be afraid to stop by and just ask questions before you get started. Reducing your waste is a long process and it takes time to develop low-waste habits. 

What is your favorite product you sell and why?

We both really love items that instantly reduce or replace packaging. Our favorites are the Shampoo + Conditioner Bars. One Shampoo bar can replace up to 3 bottles of shampoo. They are so easy to use and we promise you’ll be hooked! 

If you could offer one piece of advice to new entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Taking the leap to open a business is hard and it is even harder work, but it is so rewarding to work for yourself and bring your dream to a reality. Chat with friends and family about your plan for insight and be open to evolve your ideas! 

five favorite Philly things?


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East Passyunk

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Hidden Gem

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Other local biz

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