Philly is not nationally known for their donuts, and that’s a mistake. Here’s a list of the best donut spots in the city.

Federal Donuts

This gem is PASSION FRUIT TEHINA, their classic spiced cake donut with tehina glaze and a sweet passion fruit glaze ring…wow

Dotties Donuts

Their DUNKAROOS LONG JAWNS is just one example of the crazy unique donuts they create…

Hello Donuts

Their flavors will catch you off guard with donuts like citrus glazed old fashioned cake…

Okie Donuts

Okie Donuts are not only DELICIOUS (like their Birthday Cake donut above) but they’re also Gluten Free! AND they offer vegan options…


All doughnuts are hand pumped to order just like we did in 1947; and you NEED to try their famous Franolli Donut…


The cruller is in a league of its own. Not your standard donut but still amazing…

Beilers Doughnuts

A Reading Terminal staple that you are obligated to check out if you’re in the area…

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