Bike Ride Guide: Queen Village

curated & written by @bikeitphilly

Bike Ride Score: 4 / 5

There is nothing better than exploring the city on a Bike. Every neighborhood in the city has their own charm and unique-ness that is best discovered while biking. That’s why we partnered up with Bike It Philly to share the places you need to check out when riding around Queens Village.

Queen Village Ride Review

Queen Village is in an ideal location, with lots of fun things to explore, mixed with quaint streets to cruise down. You’re also close to Spruce St, Locust, and Washington where you have a dedicated bike lane making it easy to get to / from Queens Village

Bikes available to rent: 3

Street Rating


No formal bike lanes but most of the streets are either wide or quiet

Lock Locations


You should be able to find good bike lock locations in most of the neighbhorhood.

Places to Explore

Any of the coffee shops

Queens Village has so many amazing coffee shops throughout the whole neighbhorhood. Probably the best neighborhood in the city for volume of quality coffee shops including: 3 Graces Coffee, Red Hook Cafe, Fitz & Starts, Ox Coffee, Shot Tower Coffee, Philadelphia Java Company and Rally Coffee (‘fringe of Queens Village). You can usually find good bike parking in front (or very close) to all these coffee shops and have nice outdoor seating options too.

The BEST Thrift Store in the City

Philly Aids Thrift is the best thrift store in the city. Even if you aren’t into thrift store shopping, Philly Aids Thrift in Queens Village is huge, unique and is full of hidden treasures. At the very least it’s worth taking a walk through.

Great Philly Sinkhole

One of Philly’s famous disaster, the “Great Philly Sinkhole” is always fun to check out. The hole is in process of being fixed but it’s still worth checking out to see the progress being made. Plus it’s only a block up from Philly Aids Thrift at 6th and Bainbridge. Bonus is the surrounding roads are closed to cars (mostly) so you have freedom of riding on the street.

Fabric Row / 4th Street Shops

There are too many to mention in this post, but you will find any kind of shop. From boutiques, to fabrics to plant stores and more. A few of our favorites are: Moon + Arrow, Brikin Books, 4th Street Delicician, Bike Shop, Plant store and more.

Quiet Side Streets

This makes riding around the neighborhood a treat. There’s a bunch of small, quiet, bike friendly streets you will discover. Along the streets you will also find unique homes and buildings. You can find some of these streets between 4th and Front st.

Quality Restaurant Scene

From a roof top pizza + cocktail restaurant, to a famous deli and many more — there is no shortage of great food in Queen Village. Here are some of our personal favorites: Emmy Squared, Southwark, Cry Baby Pasta, 4th Street Deli, Royal Sushi & Izakaya,  and Lucky’s Last Chance.

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