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Tips for sharing a great recommendation list

Everyone wants your recommendations. But how do you make one that has the right amount of suggestions with the right amount of detail. After creating over 200+ recommendations we have suggestions to make sure you LOVES your recommendation post.

4 – 7 recommendations

We find 4 – 7 recommendations is the sweet spot in MOST cases. If you are sharing a recommendation per neighborhood, we recommend no more than 12 suggestions.

Make it personal

Share what you love about your suggestion. Do you have a secret tip. We want to know why your suggesting them. A few sentences can make a huge difference when a reader is trying to find the best suggestion for them.

Include your pictures!

A great picture says a thousand words. Make sure you include the perfect picture that matches why you are suggesting them.

Make a great title and intro

The title will hook the reader. The intro will get them to read it. Don’t skimp on either of these.

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