Authentic and delicious Korean cuisine in Philly

📸: @sparkyfoods

Jong Ka Jib

Traditional and family-friendly restaurant offering high quality Korean fare & specialty soft-tofu dishes. Reasonable prices and good service.

📸: Katherine Kim (Google Photo)

Kim’s BBQ

A hidden gem in Philly! High-quality meats grilled over a charcoal fire at your table, tasty side dishes, and pleasant and attentive staff.

📸: Rebecca Chen (Google Photo)

Seorabol Center City

Tasty and authentic BBQ dishes and seafood. Good service and fair pricing.

📸: Rebecca Chen (Google Photo)

Cafe Soho

Known for its Korean fried chicken wings served with mild to spicy sauces. A bit pricey, but friendly service and excellent quality of food.

📸: J C (Google Photo)

Dae Bak

Located inside the Chinatown Square market serving authentic and delicious Korean dishes such as seafood pancake, haemul pajeon and japchae. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff.

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