Hey there! I’m Samantha. I lead marketing for Starr Restaurants. In my free time I take my foodie obsession to the next level on my account, Sipadelphia. Here are some of my favorite recommendations for spring cocktails!

photo cred: @wilderphilly


This new restaurant in Rittenhouse popped off as soon as they hit the ‘gram. Beautifully decorated, carefully curated bites, and wonderful service. A drink I can’t get enough of..”SOMETHING WILD” Mezcal, fennel, grapefruit & honey.

photo cred: @sipadelphia


Delicious and refreshing draft margaritas in large format. Enough said.

photo cred: @sipadelphia

Middle Child Clubhouse

I’m a sucker for anything baby-sized, so of course Middle Child Clubhouse’s Tropical Kiwi Spritz stole my heart.
Rum, kiwi, coconut, apertif wine, bubbles. Smol but great! Their Beet Mezcal cocktail is also a slam dunk.