Weekend Happy Hours in Philly

helping take the thinking out of drinking this weekend

curated by @happyhour.philly | sponsored by @phillymember

Happy Hour Philly (@happyhour.philly on IG) was born out of a love for cheap drinks and food that didn’t skimp on quality. Now they seek to inform the people of Philly about the latest and greatest deals around the city, at restaurants that always keep their safety and comfort in mind. Their website www.happyhourphilly.com¬†allows you to geolocate the closest happy hours to you to take the thinking out of drinking.

Nunu & Cheu Fishtown


Saturday & Sunday 4-6pm
$5-$6 Bites
$7-$8 Cocktails

Positano Coast
Old City

Saturday & Sunday 3-5pm
$4-$8 Bites
$6 Cocktails

Malbec Argentine Steakhouse
Society Hill

Sunday 3-7pm
$6 Mixed Drinks
$9 Mojito
$3-$4 Empanadas
$12 Burger

Via Locusta

Saturday & Sunday 3-6pm
$7 Wines
$8 Spritzes
$6-$9 Bites

Qu Japan
Center City

Saturday 1-5pm
Everything $5!
Sushi, drinks, gyoza…everything!

Chatayee Thai
Center City

Saturday & Sunday 3:30-5:30pm
$8 Cocktail of the Day
$3-$6 Freshly Homemade Thai Bites

restaurants featured


Cheu Noodle Fishtown

Postiano Coast

Qu Japan

Malbec Argentine Steakhouse

Chatayee Thai Restaurant

Via Locousta

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