Where to find Coffee Flights near Philly

What is a coffee flight and where can I find one? Are they worth the hype? We set out to answer these three vital questions.

What is a coffee flight?

Have you heard of a beer flight? Wine flight? Tequila flight (if you’re crazy)? If yes, same concept except with delicious mini lattes. If the flight concept is foreign to you, imagine getting 3 – 5 mini different flavored lattes.

Do coffee flights meet the hype?

The consensus weighs towards YES. That’s probably why you’ve heard about it. But let’s breakdown two things you should know about all coffee flights. One, you usually need to make a reservation in advance. Sorry for all you spontaneous people out there. Second, it costs more than one latte. You might ‘splurge’ a bit on this coffee treat but why not.

Where can I find a Coffee Flight near me?

That’s the list below. The sad news is, that there aren’t too many option yet. The closest locations to Philly right now include one awesome cafe in Manayunk, a hidden gem in Oaklyn, NJ (about 15 – 20 minute drive from Philly) and quaint coffee shop 90 minutes west of Philly. However, luckily you found this post. We’ll keep this list of locations updated as we discover more locations. Stay tuned.

photo cred: @terracestreetbakery

Terrace Street Bakery & Cafe

A family owned neighborhood bakery & cafe in Manayunk with goods handcrafted from scratch, with local ingredients when possible, baked and served with a side of love!

Reservations required for coffee flights! Click here to reserve now.

photo cred: @cg_coffeehouse

Common Grounds Coffeehouse

A small Mom & Pop coffeeshop located in the cozy downtown of Oaklyn, NJ(15 to 20 minute drive from philly)

Reservations required for coffee flights! Click here to call them to reserve a flight.

photo cred: @javateascafe

Javateas Cafe

Javateas is a gourmet coffee cafe serving daily fresh roasted coffee and light fares in three welcoming and/or community-oriented atmospheres in Ephrata, PA(1.5 hours drive)

We know…not many options. Here are some other coffee posts that might be helpful.

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