Hospital coffee is not great. And the food…. But luckily there are some really good coffee (that’s not Starbucks) and ‘quick’ breakfast options within a 5 – 10 minute walk from Penn Hospital. While these options aren’t right across the street they are all within a 10 minute walk and completely worth it.

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Good Karma Cafe

4 minute walk. I love going to Good Karma Cafe if you’re craving a great flavored latte. They rotate their latte specials which are ALWAYS delicious. Go here if you want a fancy latte (local version of Starbucks?).

📸: @highstphilly

Talua’s Daily

5 minute walk. They have a full coffee bar, little market and some good but limited breakfast options.

📸: @highstphilly

Bowers Cafe

5 minute walk. Bowers is another great coffee option that is very close. They also have a selection of pastries if you want to bring a sweet treat back.

📸: @phoneeatsfirstphilly

Jiggy Cafe

5 minute walk. If you’re looking for a unique roast for coffee then I recommend you to Jiggy. They serve roasts from a roaster in DC and I haven’t had a bad coffee (or espresso in my case) yet. They also have great Matcha if that’s your thing too.

📸: @taluasdaily

High Street Cafe

8 minute walk. Most likely the best breakfast sandwiches you can have within a 8 minute walk. No espresso drinks but they have regular coffee.

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